6 Mistakes that Worsen the Stress of Moving Day

Ready for the big move? Here are a few common mistakes people make that you’ll want to avoid:

Putting it off

That move can seem like months away, which is why a lot of people put off packing and fixing their things. Before you know it, though, those months will fly by and you’ll be down to your final few weeks. Make sure you start packing early instead.

Not giving yourself enough time

The Spruce says it’s best to give yourself as much as 8 to 10 weeks once you’ve determined your move-out date. That should be enough time for you to look for and engage the services of a reputable international moving service. This is also a good time to sort your belongings and decide which items to bring with you and which ones to leave behind.

Not doing the math

Know all of the costs associated with the move – from the relocation service fees to packing assistance charges along with everything else. Knowing how those costs add up will make it easier for you to put together a solid budget.

Not asking questions

When you select an international moving service, do not hesitate to ask a ton of questions. Prepare a list beforehand so you can easily cover a lot of important issues and topics. In addition, having that list handy can help keep the conversation from veering off tangent.

Not checking the contract

Know what the contract will entail. This should include the services you can expect, the moving date as well as other associated costs and pertinent details. If you don’t ask questions, you might miss out on restrictions or loopholes that could lead to a series of problems when Moving Day comes around.

Packing everything

This is the best time to sort out your belongings and clear out the clutter, getting rid of everything you no longer use or need. Doing so will make for less belongings to transport – which means less heft, costs and stress.

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