Why a Mandap is Significant to a Traditional Indian Wedding

A mandap is a special area that is set aside for the priest, groom, and bride to perform a wedding ceremony in. Often the direct family members will be seated in this area throughout the ceremony as they witness the union of the bride and groom. The focal part of the wedding, it is important to select a mandap to enhance the beauty of the holy matrimony. Wedding mandaps exporters offer a variety of stages that fit the wide-range tastes couples are looking for their special day. From a small platform with a few family members to a larger stage, anything is possible when selecting the right mandap for a wedding.

Make the Focal Point of the Ceremony Shine

There are various ways to decorate the mandap to help make it stand out at the wedding location. Flowers can be placed onto the mandap to add to the décor, brightly coloured flowers that line the top of the structure can help frame the focal point of the wedding. Lighting can be used to accent a backdrop if one is used with the mandap to help set the atmosphere of the ritual. If lighting is used, it is important to place them right in the right location as they can either enhance the setting or hinder the appearance of the backdrop.

Hire a Professional Decorator

With a mandap being playing a vital role in a wedding, it is important to treat it with extreme care while decorating. Often to achieve the desired look, the couple will select a professional wedding decorator to add décor to the mandap. Wedding mandaps exports can supply a range of décor that can be used to enhance their stages to make the area stunning for the wedding ceremony. The decorator can select items that fit the couple’s theme and expresses their cultural heritage. From traditional ceremonies to modern day style, the possibilities are endless with a high-quality mandap that is created to complement the bride and groom’s unique style.

Purchase Wedding Items from a Reliable Exporter

Jam Design Centre is one of the top manufacturers that has been dedicated since 1970 to supplying their clients with unique and attractive mandaps. They strive to ensure their customers are fully satisfied with their purchase and will be with them every step of the way to select the right mandap and accessories for their wedding.

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