Reasons To Wear A Women’s Wrist Watch

Most people think watches are now a thing of the past, what with all the hype about smartphones and even regular cell phones. While it is true that cellular phones have the capability to tell time for you and most youngsters prefer them to a women’s wrist watch, there are still many reasons to consider watches.


Adults and teens alike are now finding out that it is rude to continuously check your cell phone all the time, even if you’re only checking the time. For example, at the dinner table, in a restaurant, in a movie theater and any other number of areas, it can be considered rude to check your phone. Therefore, if you regularly check your phone to see the time, watches may be an alternative so you can still keep track of time without being rude.

Hands-Free Checking

Have you ever had your hands full of groceries, books, kids or whatever and wanted to know the time? You can’t use your phone in those instances, but you can take a peek at your timepiece sitting there on your arm.

Phone Free

Many people are trying to go phone free, at least for part of their day. Texting, emails and all the other distracting features of smartphones can all take their toll on your emotional and physical health, and more and more doctors believe it best to limit your phone usage to a few hours a day. Therefore, if you’re finding yourself needing to grab your phone to check the time, a women’s wrist watch may be more helpful.

Don’t Feel Naked

The older generation feels naked without their watches because they’ve worn them for so long. More and more teens, tweens, and young adults now feel naked without their smartphone, but for those who wore watches frequently in their youth, own that feeling and grab a new timepiece.

Extra-Special Option

Sometimes, women want to feel like they’ve put in the extra effort of getting ready. You’ve got your makeup, done your hair, grabbed your favorite jewelry and have an excellent, jaw-dropping outfit. What could be missing from that ensemble? Excellent, bling-worthy watches can add that extra jazz, even if you haven’t gone to all the other trouble of getting dressed.

Go Wild

Women are scrutinized for their appearance at their place of work and even in the grocery store. Therefore, you’ve probably moved away from glittery makeup and nail polish. However, you can still “go wild” with your timepiece to give you that added flair.

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